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How can I be sure that ByteChek Assurance adheres to the AICPA’s auditor independence requirements?

ByteChek Assurance is committed to maintaining its independence (in both appearance and fact) from those entities to which it provides services. Generally, ByteChek Assurance’s independence is maintained through strict adherence to the four guiding principles: (1) having no mutual or conflicting interest with the client; (2) being in no position to audit its own work; (3) not acting as management or an employee of the client; and (4) being in no position to act as an advocate of the client.

How does ByteChek Assurance’s use of the ByteChek Platform not position it to audit its own work?

ByteChek Assurance’s attestation procedures include tests of controls to determine whether the entity’s controls are suitably designed and operating effectively. ByteChek does not design, implement, or operate customer controls as part of its software service nor does ByteChek Assurance design, implement, or operate controls on behalf of its clients through its use of the ByteChek Platform. Therefore, ByteChek Assurance will not be in a position of potentially auditing its own work simply through use of the ByteChek platform.

What is the relationship between ByteChek Assurance and ByteChek?

ByteChek Assurance uses the ByteChek Platform as a means of gathering control wording and evidence documentation. ByteChek Assurance also uses ByteChek GRC Engineers as IT Specialists in its attestation engagements. ByteChek Assurance has determined that the use of ByteChek GRC Engineers, as specialists, is necessary to obtain sufficient and appropriate audit evidence. The use of a specialist is defined and supported by the AICPA Engagement standards and the ByteChek GRC Engineers do not provide advisory or other prohibited nonattest services to ByteChek Assurance attestation clients.

ByteChek Assurance is a new CPA firm relative to others in the industry, how can I be sure that its auditors have the appropriate experience and competence for my attestation needs?

The ByteChek Assurance staff and partner bring decades of audit experience to your engagement. Prior to founding ByteChek Assurance, Shonda Knowles Elliott (CEO, Partner) was a manager in PwC’s Assurance practice whose duties included testing of IT general controls, SOC reports, and coordination with audit specialists (including IT and Risk Assurance) across the firm. Additionally, ByteChek Assurance relies on ByteChek as an IT Governance, Risk and Compliance (IT GRC) firm and has determined ByteChek to be competent, capable, and objective for ByteChek Assurance’s purposes in accordance with AICPA Engagement Standards. ByteChek’s credentials and affiliations include (but are not limited to) CISA, CISSP, CCSK, ISO 27001 Lead Auditors, and various AWS certifications.

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